Art Drawing Painting Miniature Oil Poster Madhubani Kalamkari Warli Art Drawing Painting Miniature Oil Poster Madhubani Kalamkari Warli

Strokearts Studio

Strokearts is the perfect destination for learning Visual Arts like drawing, sketching, coloring. Kumuda & Shivali, Directors of the Company, are Singapore based contemporary artists dedicated to creating an awareness and appreciation of visual arts.

They have conducted various successful art events in Singapore like mural painting at Indian Heritage Center, Kalaa Utsavam, painting exhibition at Esplanade, The Art House and Viridian Art Center. They are experienced arts educators for the last fifteen years taking art classes for children and adults and have taught and presented art lessons at Global Indian International School, Singapore Management University and SOTA. Regular workshops and classes are conducted at the Strokearts Studio for learning various forms of arts.

Art is creation, innovation and knowledge which may allow an individual to explore the world. Art is a subject which can allow a person to innovatively explore artistic perception, creative expression, historical/cultural content, aesthetic valuing as well as connections, relations and application.

The artists believe that with art education people will be able to use the creative tools learned in the exploration of arts and use these tools to develop better understanding and knowledge in all other walks of life! Such an appreciation and awareness about visual arts will let their imagination fly, give wings to their vision, give expression to their thought and finally value the potential in themselves.

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